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Barbieville shakes with quake

posted Oct 16, 2011 23:55:57 by SusanYork

By: Barbie

Barbieville experienced an Earthquake last week. It was said to reach a 7.0 on the Richter scale....Only the southern part of Barbieville was affected. The northern half of the island was untouched.

Minor injuries were reported. Ken was trapped under a larger stove and cabinet for 6 hours that had broken loose during the quake. Flavo girl was taken to the hospital and released that same evening. She sustained a minor concussion and broken left wrist after falling 25 feet from a balcony at her home.

Aftershocks were minimal and no further damage was reported. Clean up crews are already tearing through the remains of the wreckage. Nancy White, head of Barbieville Disaster Relief, says the damaged areas should be cleaned up and back to normal within the month.

Susan York, head of Barbieville Resort Safety said of the quake, " Thank God nobody was seriously injured. We ( Rescue crews) offered our support to Mrs. White but she declined saying she had everything under control."

Mrs. White also said she would not be asking President Bush to declare the southern half of Barbieville a disaster area. "We ( The Barbieville Planning Commission) have contingincy plans in place for things like this. Barbieville is pretty self-sufficient and there really isn't too much damage. Funds to clean up the mess will be taken from the treasury."
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SusanYork said Oct 16, 2011 23:56:17
Following are replies previously listed on our MSN Site:

looks like barbieville got pretty shaken up during the earthquake. its good to see that susan york is taking such good care of things and making sure that no one is badly hurt along with mrs white . lets all hope that everything can be rightified before very long and that barbieville is back to its self sufficient self very soon ;).

hugssss, joy.
SusanYork said Oct 16, 2011 23:56:37
Oh my Goodness are you all ok??? LOL, You and Nancy need jobs or something!!! Your getting a little to close to the Barbie family! Great to know you still have your imagination, now as long as they don't start talking to you and don't start asking for an allowance you'll be ok. love ya mom
SusanYork said Oct 16, 2011 23:56:54
Thanks for your encouraging remarks. What happened is the builders were adding on the the town house when the quake hit. Everything came crashing down and now it has to be cleaned up... bummer. But yes, everyone is fine and both Ken and Flava girl are recovering nicely....

Joy, Good to hear from you....and thanks for the concern. Nancy assures me that clean up is going very well on the house.. she says it will take time but it's getting there.

Mom, I keep telling Nancy we need jobs but she is adament about not going back to work lol

You mean our Barbies aren't supposed to talk to us ?????? Hmm... guess that means I have to start taking Skippers allowance away from her too ...... man is she gonna be mad !

What do you think Nancy - have we lost our minds yet ?

SusanYork said Oct 16, 2011 23:57:09
There's an old country song that might fit in with our fun with Barbie's adventures and our mentality. "Bent, Busted and Sorry. Broke, Disgusted and Sad. Bent, Busted and Sorry. But look at the fun that we had.

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